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The different types of spark plugs in my collection
Design and variations
Spark plugs built to keep the oil away

The spark plug I have called ”Regular” has many different designs and variations:

One piece or take apart

Siemens und Halske - ESHA, Germany

Eagle, Ireland

Porcellain or mica insulated , even with clear glass for reading color of burning gas in cylinder

NGK, Japan

Fert, Italy

Prismatic, USA

With petcock for priming

M & M Co., USA

Breather plugs with different type of valves for priming and cooling

Automat, USA

With fins and/or air holes for cooling

Candela Signorini, Italy

Supplex, France

”Intensified“ to intensifie the spark

James, USA

Dynam, USA

Series plug , used together with a regular plug in an engine with two plugs in each cylinder

Lodge, England

Double plug , used in an engine with both battery and magneto ignition systems

Champion, USA

Double ended plugs, to turn over when oily or worn out

Twin, USA

”Q D“ Quick detachable plug for easy priming and cleaning also often with possibility to attach an pump motor to inflate the tires

Colin, France

Shielded air plane plugs to avoid radio interference