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In memory of Roland Swälas

Let us start with a little information about me...

My first old car was an American 1917 Premier which I bought for 5o + years ago. In its engine there were a couple of different looking sparkplugs and with logo`s not familiar with me, so I saved those. As years passed there were more engines and more plugs to save. So one day, there was a lot of sparkplugs in that box. When I looked it over it really "sparked" my interest.

Since that time I have been to many swap-meets, car shows, flea-markets etc., been digging at old blacksmith' grounds, old motoring houses, junk yards and other places were you perhaps can expect to find old sparkplugs.

Many good friends has supported me with plugs, and I am since many years member (#335) of Spark Plug Collectors Of America (SPCOA), were I have traded, bought and sold sparkplugs.

There are about 850 different brands from 23 countries in my collection today. I also collect "go-alongs" and advertising material concerning sparkplugs.

Last update: 2009-03-26